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Natural Medicines & Cures

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Natural Medicines & Cures (354 pages)

Is jam packed with natural medicines that may work for you. It covers hundreds of natural remedies for all kinds of conditions – arthritis, irritable bowel, dry skin, hay fever, migraines, dandruff just to name a few.

  • Foods that increase pain, foods that reduce pain, and foods that kill pain.
  • Page 57 explains how eating certain fruits can help your blood pressure.
  • Get rid of heel pain quickly by using a simple exercise.
  • 5 simple remedies for cramps & leg pains.
  • Natural remedies for shoulder pain relief.
  • Foods that combat sinus problems.
  • How to prevent cataracts.
  • Discover the amazing powers of honey. These are just a few examples of what you will find.

FREE Bonus Pamphlets ’60 Uses for Baking Soda’ & ‘Natural Remedy for Relief of Arthritis’.

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