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The facts are plain to see. Millions of Chinese Men & Women known as “bare-handed doctors” treat their patients, families, neighbours and friends using nothing but their bare hands. Jaques Staehle, a world-renowned natural healer, has rediscovered the natural principles of Chinese medicine which have astounded top specialists in the western world. Imagine, just by using your index finger on specific points on your body, you can make your pain disappear instantaneously and free yourself from sickness. How do the Chinese
treat themselves without the help of conventional doctors? How is it that they are in better health and live longer, without using the, at times, potentially dangerous medicines used in the western world.

The answers to all these questions are revealed by Jacques Staehle in his amazing book ‘The Energy That Heals’.

FREE BONUS BOOK: Instant Vitality.

This describes which pressure points to use in cases of: General Weakness • Impotence • Migraine, and much more (Also sold as A1551)

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