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At last a breakthrough in ice technology - TECHNI-ICE. In a few hours TECHNI-ICE transforms from a compact sheet to a refrigerant polymer which swells to 4cms in thickness. Wrap the sheet around food, drinks or place in coolers to keep everything icy cold. Unlike regular ice, TECHNI-ICE does not drip and will last for days. Think of the money you will save. TECHNI-ICE is safe to place against the skin which makes it ideal for sports injuries. But that's not all, it can also be heated in the microwave for all those nagging pains that require heat.

  • New Breakthrough in Ice Replacement
  • Stays Frozen for Days
  • Will Not Turn to Water
  • No More Soggy Food
  • Re-Useable Over and Over Again
  • Water-Free Transport for Food Drinks
  • Energy efficient

Each sheet measures 25 x 30cms.

Save 50 cents per sheet on 2 - 5 sheets and $1.50 per sheet on 6+ sheets.

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