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  • Tomato Booster with Free Siberian Seeds

Tomato Booster with Free Siberian Seeds

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Get ready for a bumper crop of the reddest, juiciest tomatoes just bursting with flavour. Our Tomato Booster increases harvest and speed of growth.

  • Slow Release – Add liquid fertilizer to the water when filling the outer water ring. The solution will seep out of tiny holes resulting in slow deep watering & fertilisation right where it’s needed – around the roots.
  • Protects from worms, slugs, snails and more – The 14cm high collar stops them cold. It also keeps the plants branches off the ground.
  • Heat Boosts Growth – Dark green plastic absorbs heat, aiding growth and earlier harvest. The elevated base protects from weeds and more.

Comes in a Set of 2 with 1 FREE packet of Siberian Tomato Seeds with every order.

Please Note: Style varies slightly in shape to what is shown. Actual item is square not round. All functions remain the same (Previously sold as P20045)

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